Event Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in benefiting Gift of Life Transplant House! Events are a great way to get the community involved and raise donations that will support our mission of providing high quality affordable accommodations to transplant patients and their caregivers in a supportive, home-like environment. Thank you for helping Gift of Life Transplant House continue to provide a ā€œHome that Helps and Healsā€ for transplant patients and their caregivers.



  • You are responsible for all of the necessary permits and insurance for your event and for the specific event location.
  • For sporting events you must obtain signed waivers/releases from all participants.
  • You must request permission to use the Gift of Life Transplant House name and/or logo. The logo is available upon request.
  • All promotional material related to an event benefiting the Gift of Life Transplant House must be reviewed and approved by the Gift of Life Transplant House marketing coordinator or executive director.
  • Gift of Life Transplant House partners with many different financial underwriters and sponsors for our events. We request that you inform us of any sponsors you have or any efforts made to recruit financial underwriters/sponsors. This will ensure that there is no duplication of effort when it comes to working on financial underwriting and sponsorships.
  • As an organizer of this event, you are responsible for complying with IRS regulations as they relate to your event.



  • Please have participants make checks payable to Gift of Life Transplant House.
  • Please provide us with the event proceeds and details of the accounting within 30 days after the conclusion of the special event.

Exceptions to the above policy may be granted only after review by Gift of Life Transplant House Fundraising Committee, Event Marketing Coordinator or Executive Director.

If Interested, please contact our Event Marketing Coordinator at Miranda@gift-of-life.org.

We appreciate your support of Gift of Life Transplant House.