Guidelines for Caregivers & Visitors


We require a support companion for each patient staying at the House. Though many patients initially feel well enough to do many household tasks for themselves, often the rigor of medical appointments tires patients tremendously. The caregiver, typically a family member or close friend, handles the meal preparation and clean up, laundry, room cleaning and additional patient needs. In addition, the caregiver serves as an invaluable emotional support which has proven exceptionally beneficial for transplant patients!



We welcome family and friends at Gift of Life! We ask that they restrict their visits to the hours between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the common areas. Please note that due to the immune-suppressed condition of our patients, we do not allow visitors under the age of 14. Young visitors tend to carry more germs due to school contacts. However, a Family Visiting Room is available with a separate entrance for children under 14 who are visiting a guest. An exception to this age rule is made for pediatric transplant patients who are welcome at the house.  Policy Guide for Guests P2.Tour

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